I measure the rotation speed using HT-4200. The actual measured value is about twice as much as the predetermined rotation speed. Please tell me how to solve it.

Please check if the number of pulses currently set for HT-4200 is correct.

It is necessary to set it to 1 P/R if there is one reflective mark affixed to the rotating body.



  1. 1. Press the "MEMORY/COND" switch on the HT-4200 main unit for 2 seconds or longer.
  2.      It will go to the reflective mark setting mode, and the current setting number will be
        displayed on the MAIN display.


    2. When it is necessary to reconfigure, press “MEMORY/COND”

        switch to set the number of the reflective marks currently affixed.

        (Every time you press, the setting number will be incremented.)





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