How to convert voltage signal of an accelerometer into velocity or displacement

◆ Conversion from acceleration data to velocity or displacement

Velocity (V) and displacement (X) can be obtained with the following formula if the frequency (f) and its acceleration (a) are given.


a (m/s2)

V = a ÷(2πf) (m/s)
X = V ÷(2πf) (m)


It cannot be converted with voltage waveform of acceleration because " f " is not known.


◆ Can the acceleration waveform that has recorded by data recorder be observed
        as velocity or displacement waveform?


Using analog integrator, acceleration waveform can be converted into velocity (V) or displacement (X).


NP-2000 series (charge type accelerometer) → CH-1200 type charge amplifier can be used.


NP-3000 series (accelerometer with built-in preamplifier) → PS-1300 type amplifier can be used.


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