What is the relationship between the shape and the output signal waveform of the detection gear teeth

The feature and specification of the MP-981

1. The detection is available from 0 r/min close distance.

2. Compact, lightweight and simple mounting method

3. Rectangular wave output: Ultra low speed to high speed (1 Hz to 20 kHz) (60 P/R gear teeth: Max 20000 r/min) Rectangular wave: Low 0.5 V or less/ High 5±0.5 V

4. Output impedance: Collector output 300 Ω

5. Detection gear teeth: Ferromagnetic (tooth width 3 mm or more, module 0.5 to 3)

6. Operating temperature range: -10 to +70 ℃



The shape of the detection gear teeth


We recommend you to use the shape of the detection gear teeth of the MP-981 is the same ferromagnetic and involute detection gear as the MP-900 series. We can offer the MP-001 Detection Gear as an option.


If you make the gear by yourself, please refer to the "Recommended gear for detecting with the MP-900 series"


The following figures are the output waveforms from the various types of detection gears.
In case of (B) and (C) in the following figure, 2 pulses may be output for 1 gear tooth.




The countermeasure of the custom detection gear


Please process the edge of the gear into smooth gear edge.




Mounting method


Please do not use the mounting method of the following figure. It will cause the electromagnetic interference for each other.

(A); a gear with a different module is mounted in a close range.
(B); two or more MP-981 units are mounted in a close range for a gear. (Please keep a distance of 35 mm or more from each other.)


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