Recommended gear for detecting with the MP-900 series



The unit module (M) represents the size of gears.


Module = pitch circle diameter of a gear / number of teeth

Pitch circle diameter: In case of an involute gear, it corresponds to the diameter of a circle which is M (module) mm inward from the peak of the gear.


If number of teeth = 60 and module = 1, then pitch circle diameter = 60mm, and the diameter of the gear at the peaks is 60mm + 2mm = 62mm.



(Type and material of the recommended gear)


We recommend an involute gear to obtain the most suitable output voltage from the MP-900 series.


Material with a property of being strongly attracted to a magnet, or in other words, a ferromagnet, is ideal. If you have a choice, we recommend materials such as S45C, SS400, SUS430, or FC400.


The MP-001 detection gear is available (sold separately from the detector) from us.


If you make the gear by yourself, please refer to the following relational dimensions of the gear and detector.


"a" shall be the same dimension as or larger than "d".
"b" shall be the same dimension as or larger than "c".
"c shall be approx. three times the dimension of "d".
"e" shall be less than half the dimension of "b", and as small as possible.

(Approx. 0.3mm to 1 mm)
The tooth width shall be at least 4mm.

a: Gear tip thickness
b: Tooth height
c: The spacing between teeth
d: Yoke diameter
e: Gap between the gear and the detector



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