Is it possible to detect rotation pulse by a hole on a 300Φ shaft which is 30Φ and 50mm depth? (The axis is mode by iron-based material.)

It is possible. But you have to adjust the gap between detector and the hole while checking the output waveform from MP-981 using oscilloscope etc.
(It might be not as same as the gap condition which is written in the instruction manual.)


Please adjust the gap to obtain the output waveform as follows:


Lo (0.5 V or less) : at around the hole area
Hi (Approx. 4.5 V) : at the area except for the hole


However, the output waveform will not always become as same as the above because the magnetic circuit might be affected due to the mounted environment.
For example, when the MP-981 is mounted near a wall or Hi level voltage is output as a one-shot.


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