Mounting to Fixing device (GS-7210L• 7210LN• 7710• 7710N)

GS-7710/7210L (Standard stem type)

• Use the Ono Sokki gauge stand or the AA-2500 indicator bush (available as an option) to hold the stem in place. (Using a screw directly to hold the stem in place will cause malfunctions.)


• Recommended tightening torque for the M6 screw is 0.5 Nm or less.


• After the sensor has been fixed in place, check that the spindle moves smoothly.


• Make sure to that the position of the slitting in the indicator bush is at a right angle to the screw


GS-7710N/7210LN (Nut-mounted stem type)

• Compatible plate thickness for mounting is 9.8 mm to 12.4 mm.


• The recommended nut tightening torque is 0.8 Nm or less.


• After tightening the nut, check that the spindle moves smoothly.


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