The method and things to be aware of when mounting the Linear Gauge Sensor to the fixing device.

Things to be aware of when mounting the linear gauge sensor to the fixing device

• Please be sure to mount the spindle vertical to the target measurement object. Special attention should be required when you fix the spindle with [Mounting hole], [Lug back] or [Mounting metal fixture].


• When the force is applied to the fixing point of the sensor, please use [Mounting hole] and [Mounting metal fixture] to fix the spindle. If you fixed with [Lug back], the lug may be deformed or the screw for the back lid may be fell off.


The basic mounting method of the GS and BS sensor

1. Mounting by gripping the stem.
2. Mounting by using the mounting metal fixture.
3. Mounting by using the mounting hole.
4. Mounting by using the lug back.

Please refer to the following diagram to choose the mounting method for the instrument which you use.

Model name Mounting the stem Mounting hole Lug back Mounting metal fixture
BS-102• 112
BS-102W• 112W
- -
GS-1713• 1730
GS-1813• 1830

GS-3813• 3830
GS-4713• 4730
GS-4813• 4830

GS-6713• 6730
GS-6813• 6830

GS-5050• 5100
GS-5051• 5101
GS-7710A• 7710NA - - -



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