Influence of temperature

The accuracy of our gauge sensor is set at 20 degrees.


The accuracy of the gauge sensor apart from 20 degrees, you should only think about the amount of temperature difference when you reset the counter after the temperature is stabilized. The temperature will be shown to the glass scale which you use for detection.


Our glass scale for detection has a linear expansion coefficient of 9 × 10−6K.


If it is with full stroke, 9× 10−6 × 100 (mm) × (A -20) mm error will add to the accuracy of 20 degrees.


When you stroke 50mm, half of the amount from the above will add as an error. When you stroke 30mm, 3/10 of the amount from the above will add as an error. This error is not depending on the resolution, but on the amount of the stroke.


Moreover, it couldn’t show the amount of error in a quantitative at zero point caused by the temperature changes. It is influenced by many reasons such as deformation of the glass (It depends on the position of detection element in relation to the full length of the glass.), spindle and fixture parts which possessed a sensor.


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