Relationship between the operating frequency range and output voltage of the FV-1100 F/V Converter

The standard specification of the FV-1100 Converter is maximum 10 kHz.


When the operating frequency is less than a half of the frequency range, the output voltage grows smaller and the ripple becomes larger. In above situation, the accuracy of the operating range becomes poor. We recommend you to modify the frequently used frequency range close to the full scale frequency.



The accuracy for 10 kHz range: ± 0.2 % → 20 mV/ 10 V full scale/ 10 kHz full scale


When the operating range is 1 kHz or less: 1 kHz = 1 V, the accuracy for 1 kHz → 20 mV ÷ 1 V= 2 %/ 1 V/ 1 kHz


When change 1 kHz into full scale → 0.2 %/ 10 V full scale/ 1 kHz Full scale

Please consider the operating range of the FV converter to be 10 % to 100 % range of the full scale frequency (frequency range) as a rough guide.


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