What is the difference between FRAME LINK and FRAME LINK2?

The following shows the differences between FRAME LINK and FRAME LINK2



Number of channels

Number of units

Up to 128-ch

Up to 4 units

Up to 64-ch

Up to 2 units
Equipment required
DS-0392A Unit connection interface

Necessary for the

number of
units connected

DS-0394 Unit connection box 1 set
DS-0393 Unit connection USB Hub 1 set
AX-9036 Unit connection interface cable (2m) Necessary for the number of
units connected
AX-9041 USB cable
1 piece
Unit connection interface 2 sets

Unit connection
interface cable


1 piece

Note:AX-9036 (2m) cannot be used.

Available main unit DS-3200 DS-3200, DS-3100
Required license DS-0321A*2
Not required
Measurement mode*3 FFT-A Analysis mode FFT Analysis, RTA analysis,
Recording mode
*1 DS-0392, DS-0391 also available.
*2 License of the DS-0321A(FFT Analysis function)is required. (Cannot be operated only with the DS-0321.)
*3 When using FRAME LINK and FRAME LINK2,

•Schedule function (included in the tracking analysis function), Simultaneous processing function

      (real-time analysis and recording) can be used. However, the license of the DS-0322 (tracking analysis),
     and the DS-0350 (recording function) are required.
•Servo analysis mode (DS-0342: Servo analysis function) can be used for only one unit.




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