How to connect a TEDS-based accelerometer to the DR-7100

The following is a procedure to connect the TEDS (Transducer Electronic Data Sheet)-based accelerometer (with built-in preamplifier) to the DR-7100




1. Setting the Sensitivity and measurement unit
Press "TEDS CAL" key and "ENTER" key in this order, sensitivity and unit information are read from channel 1 to 4 in order. The INPUT setting of the channel to which the TEDS-based accelerometer is connected is automatically switched to CCLD. When the accelerometer or microphone that does not support TEDS is connected, "ERROR" is displayed and calibration is not executed. The status before starting TEDS calibration is hold.


2. Starting record
After the calibration, press "REC" key and "PLAY" or "PAUSE" key in this order to start recording. When the input signal is too small (not even swinging of a bar graph) or "OVER" display (red LED) blinks or lights, please adjust the voltage range before starting record.


Accelerometer with built-in preamplifier

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