What is TEDS?

TEDS (Transducer Electronic Data Sheet) is a standardized method which contains information relevant to the sensor. It is defined in the IEEE 1451 series.


TEDS sensor is called "Smart sensor" or "Plug and play sensor". As information of the sensor is automatically read to the TEDS available measurement devices (DS-2104A etc.) or amplifiers, the user is ready to take measurements. It can avoid setting error and also saves you time and effort of troubling calibration and measurement preparation.


IEEE1451.4 standard in IEEE1451 series defines a Mixed-mode interface, which is used for connecting transducer modules to an instrument, a computer. Two-wire system cable of CCLD interface is used.


The following information can be written as TEDS information;


Basic information Manufacturer ID, model name, serial number, version number
Enhanced information Calibration data(sensitivity, frequency characteristics, date of manufacture)
User area Information of installation position, date of calibration, service history


TEDS function can be added to a CCLD accelerometer by using TEDS adapter (NP-0081N10 etc.)


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