CF-9200/9400 Portable FFT Analyzer FAQs

How to display CH 1-3, CH 1-4 in frequency response function? (2020.05.22)
How to operate keys on the screen so that the mechanical sound when pressing keys does not disturb the operation (2019.01.12)
What does the orange color of the switch indicate? (2019.01.12)
What kind of operation difference is there in average processing by means of the setting of the trigger condition? (2017.2.13)
Which takes first priority, the average processing or end of recording? (2017.02.13)
Recommended SDHC memory card for LA-7000/LA-3000 series, DR-7100, CF-4700, CF-9200/9400 (2016.09.05)
Recommended USB-LAN adapter for LAN external control (2016.09.05)
The Language-setting of message is returned to "English" at the time of starting again though CF-9200/9400 has been closed in "Japanese" setting. (2016.03.31)
The message of "Your computer is low on memory" is displayed when turning the power ON(2016.03.31)
Recommended USB-LAN adapter for LAN external control(2016.03.14)
Recommended USB flash drivers for the CF series (2023.09.28)
Warning message of "Error Change Folder" is appeared every time the CF-9200/9400 is turned on (2015.11.18)
Is there any recommended SDHC memory cards? (2023.09.29)


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