Warning message of "Error Change Folder" is appeared every time the CF-9200/9400 is turned on


The warning message of "Error Change Folder (Panel):E:\ONO SOKKI CF-9000\CF-9000\Panel" is appeared every time the CF-9200/9400 is turned on.

Error Change Folder(Panel):E:\ONO SOKKI CF-9000\CF-9000\Panel

The end of the message "Panel(-1)" is sometimes with "DataMem1", "DataMem1(-1)", "AutoSeq", "AutoSeq(-1)", "Record", or "Record(-1)".


Avoidance procedure

To clear the message, move to the configuration mode, then operate the CF-9200/9400 in the following procedure. Moreover, to avoid a power shutdown during the operation, connect the AC adapter provided as an accessory for the CF-9200/9400. During the operation, supply the power from the AC adapter.


1. Move to the configuration mode

From the top mode (HOME, touch the software key in the order [System] > [Env Set] > [Config Mode], and touch the OK button in the displayed message dialog box.

configration mode

The CF-9000 Configuration Mode screen is appeared after the CF-9200/9400 system is automatically shut down.


2. Exit from the configuration mode

Touch the Exit button in the CF-9000 Configuration Mode screen to exit from this mode.

CF-9000 Configuration Mode screen

When touch the OK button in the confirmation dialog box on the screen, the CF-9200/9400 is automatically shut down (turned the power OFF).

configration mode


3. Checking

Please check that the warning message is not appeared when the power of the CF-9200/9400 is turned on by pressing the POWER switch.



* The function, performance, and measurement analysis accuracy of the FFT analyzer are not affected even if this warning message is appeared, so there is no problem for the measured data. Also, there is no influence for the measurement without operating this avoidance procedure.



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