How to transfer the measurement condition of the CF-7200 to the other unit

The measurement conditions are divided in 4 files and saved in the panel folder of the CF card for saving data. For example, when the panel condition is saved in the list number of 005, names of the 4 files are as follows.


Move these 4 files by copy and paste them to the CF card for a different CF-7200. Please use the PC to confirm the file name and write the file to the CF card for a different CF-7200.


Operation procedure

The followings are the operation procedure to save the measurement condition to the list number 005 of the panel condition memory. In addition, the order of touching the soft key is mentioned as >.


  1. Save the measurement condition to the CF-7200.
  2. Touch [Memory > Utility > Select Media > CARD] to turn on "CARD" (turn on the CF card).
  3. Touch [Memory > Panel Cond > List > select a list number "005" > SAVE] to turn on "SAVE".
  4. The measurement condition is saved in the panel condition number of 005.
  5. For example, 0.05 in the name of above saved data "pnlMemMeasure005.xml" is the panel condition number of 005.
  6. Turn off the power of the CF-7200 and remove the CF card.
  7. Put the CF card into the card reader and connect the CF-7200 to the PC.
  8. Click [CF-7200 > Panel] in this order on the PC explorer and open the CF card




The LIST display of the panel condition of the CF-7200, the saved measurement condition is displayed as one of the file which has saved date and time shown in the following figure. In addition, if you only have the main unit of the CF-7200, writing to the CF card of the other CF-7200 cannot be operated. (PC is necessary for this operation.)



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