Operation method to display the power spectrum from the saved time-axis waveform
Followings are explanation of the operation procedure to display saved time waveform and its power spectrum in upper and lower parts of the screen.

Operation procedure

1. Change the display to two-screen mode (DUAL).

Touch the soft keys [MAIN] > [DISPLAY] > [FORMAT] > [TYPE] > [DUAL] in this order to change to two-screen display. If the display is already in the two-screen mode (DUAL), this operation is unnecessary.


2. Load the time waveform

Touch the soft keys [MAIN] > [MEMORY] > [DATA] > [LIST] in this order to make the list of saved data. Select the time waveform to be loaded from the list and touch [LOAD] key.

The selected time waveform is reproduced on the active screen.

The place you clicked in the screen (lower screen for example) becomes active screen and the title will be changed to outlined characters. In here, the same time waveforms are reproduced on both two-screen while switching the active screen.

3. Power spectrum display

Click the lower screen to make the screen activate. Touch the soft keys [MAIN] > [ANALYSIS] > [DATA TYPE] > [FREQUENCY] > [POWER SPECT] in this order. The time waveform which is displayed in the lower screen is changed to power spectrum display. In addition, please do not touch the CH1 or CH2 key which appears on the screen otherwise the spectrum data of CH1 or CH2 will be indicated.


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