CF-7200 has a function to label the saved data. When the file is saved, what happened to the label?
CF-7200 has a function to label the saved data. This label for the data is arranged to the file name when the data is loaded to the PC.

Specification of the label

There are input restrictions as follows:

Label is entered after data is saved. Label cannot be entered in advance to each block.
Maximum 20 characters can be used for the label.



Select [MAIN] > [MEMORY] > [DATA] > [LIST] in this order from the menu screen of the CF-7200, to display [Data Memory List] screen.




Select the data to be labeled and touch the […] button which is in the upper right of [Data Memory List] screen to display the screen keyboard.





Enter the label name by using the screen keyboard. The maximum label input characters are 20 with half digits. When input has been completed, touch [OK] button to confirm it. The inputted label is aded in the [Label] of the [Data Memory List] screen.





The data with the label (and all the data to be saved) is saved as a file whose front of the name is label name.




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