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Replaced by FV-1500 Frequency-to-Voltage Converter (Click here)
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Replaced by FV-1500 High-response Frequency-to-Voltage Converter
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Frequency-to-Voltage Converter


Photo (FV-1300 High-response F/V Converter)

The FV-1300 F/V converter has an excellent response rate, converting each period of frequency signals (measured in either rpm or velocity) into voltage or current signals at a very high speed.
By employing a digital signal processor (DSP) in the computation section, we have achieved high accuracy and multi-functional capabilities at a low price, resulting in a good cost/performance ratio.
The FV-1300 can measure and record the transient phenomena that occur in the rotational speed, flow rate, frequency fluctuation, and so on, such as the rotation startup characteristics of engines and motors and the minute rotational variations during stable rotation.



  • Fast response of 7.6μs, most suitable for measuring startup characteristics

  • High-resolution output by 16-bit D/A converter

  • Flexible frequency range that can be set on a 1 Hz basis

  • Deviation output function that enables rotational variation to be measured with high sensitivity

  • Moving average function

  • Isolated inputs that withstand common mode noises

  • Input frequency display function


Major Applications

  • Measuring motor startup characteristics

  • Measuring the rotational performance of rotating equipment

  • Measuring the rotational variation of engines and motors

  • Rotational performance test with an excessive load


Specifications Summary

Conversion method Periodic computation
Response One period of input frequency +7.6 μs
Input configuration Isolated single-ended input
Potential difference between common and ground on the housing:DC42 V at maximum
Input frequency range 1 to 20,000 Hz
Functions Frequency-to-voltage (or current) conversion, deviation output function, moving average function, and input frequency display function
Frequency range
Full-scale (FS) output mode Maximum frequency:1 to 20,000 Hz (set on a 1 Hz basis)
Deviation output mode Center frequency:2 to 19,801 Hz (set on a 1 Hz basis)
Deviation setting range:±1,±5,±10,±20 %
(The maximum input frequency must no exceed 20 kHz.)
Voltage output Full-scale output:0 to 10 V,Deviation output:0±5V
Current output Full-scale output:0 to 16 mA (factory setting) or 4 to 20 mA,
Deviation output:8±8mA (factory setting) or 12±8 mA
Terminals Type C02 (BNC) for voltage output, Terminal block (M3) for current output
Output error
Full-scale (FS) output mode Within ±0.1 % of FS (voltage)
Within ±0.7 % of FS (current)
Deviation output mode Within ±0.5 to 5% of FS (voltage)
Within ±3 to 10% of FS
(Differs depending on the center frequency and deviation range settings.)
Power supply for sensor +12 V(±10 %), 100 mA max.
Power supply 100 to 240 VAC/50 to 400 Hz (continuous)
approx.13 VA
Operating temperature and humidity 0 to +40 °C/ 0 to 80 % R.H. (with no condensation)
Weight Approx.1.1 kg
Outer dimensions 210 (W) x 49 (H) x 200 (D) mm


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