This product has been discontinued. MF-3200 here

On-Board Flow Detectors




Photo (MF-2200 On-boad Flow Detector)


The MF series fuel detectors are one unit type incorporating the FP-2104H for on-board measurement. The MF series can measure fuel flow rate in combination with the FM series or the DF-200 series. The MF-2200 is used for an electronic fuel injection type gasoline engines to measure the flow rate and the MF-3200 is for diesel engines.



  • High accuracy within ±0.2 % of reading
  • Compact size and light weight enabled by the use of component blocks
  • A fuel cooling function is provided as standard.
  • Simultaneous measurement of temperature and pressure together with the flow rate


Configuration Diagrams


Connection / installation images

Overview specification

Measurement parameters Flow rate, temperature of pressure
Flow detector used FP-2140H
Applicable fluids Gasoline
Measurement range Flow rate 0.3 to 120 L/h
Pressure 0 to 980 kPa
Temperature 0 to 99.9 °C
Measurement accuracy Flow rate Within ±0.2 % of reading
Pressure ±0.5 % F.S.
Temperature Pt 100Ω Class B
Return processing Pressure control system (using a precision pressure reducing valve)
Operating temperature range 0 to 65 °C
(both the temperature of the fluid and the ambient temperature)
Weight Approx. 15 kg
Outer dimensions 260 (W) x 243 (H) x 243 (D) mm
Outer appearance and specifications are subject to change without prior notice.




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