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Torque Application

Torque Meter Endurance test
Torque A-3-1 Endurance test of gear teeth



  • This example shows how to perform an endurance test of rotating measurement object such as gear, rubber belt or chain for a long time while being applied load as same as real operating status. This result is helpful in analyzing wear or deformed state of parts.
  • The lineup of the SS series torque detectors consists of 13 models from 0.2 to 2000N・m. Suitable model can be selected depending on the torque capacitance of a measurement object.
  • The TS-2800 displays measurement value with digital, and has external outputs of analog voltage, BCD or RS-232C. Compact-designed and easily built in measurement equipment.

n Coupling is user preparation.


  Model Product name
1 SS-005 Torque detector
2 MP-981 Magneto-electric rotational detector
3 MX-8105 Signal cable (5 m)
4 TS-2800 Digital Torque Meter

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