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Torque Application

Torque Meter Quality inspection
Torque A-2-2 Measurement of agitation torque



  • The viscosity of liquid such as chemical agent or resin is changed when chemical reaction (polymeric) is brought about. This viscous change can be used as agitation torque value to know the level of chemical reaction.
  • The lineup of the SS series torque detectors consists of 13 models from 0.2N・m to 2000N・m. You can select suitable model depending on the torque capacitance of measurement object.
  • We recommend setting up an intermediate bearing between a torque detector and an agitator not to load to radial and thrust directions.
  • The TS-3200A with the optional TS-0322A Comparator output function can output alarm signal or stop an agitation motor via PLC* when the value of agitation torque exceeds the setup value.

n Coupling is user preparation.
* PLC: Programmable Logic Controller


  Model Product name
1 SS-500 Torque detector
2 MP-981 Magneto-electric rotational detector
3 MX-8105 Signal cable (5 m)
4 TS-3200A Digital Torque Meter
5 TS-0322A Comparator output function

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