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Encoder Application

Rotary Encoder Measurement of length
Encoder A-1-4 Measuring film, paper or steel sheet length to cut it in same size



  • Set up the RP-721-200 P/R Roller encoder on a continual cutting line and measure the length of the object on the flow production line.
    You can send command to cut the object by connecting a cutter and a PLC via comparator output.
    The comparator output from the RV-3150 can send signal to activate an alarm.
    The measured value can be displayed on a large size display unit by using BCD output.
    You can set parameter by connecting the cutter and a PC via RS-232C interface. The measurement result can be saved to the PC.


  Model Product name Remarks
1 RP-7400-200P/R Roller encoder For line speed measurement. output pulse: 200 P/R, can be measured every 1mm/pulse. With wide roller
2 RV-3150 Reversible counter Major function: Multiplier selection, ratio setting function, offset, decimal point position selection, counting selection, comparator output, analog output, BCD output, RS-232C interface
3 RP-0182 Signal cable RP-7400←→RV-3150 (5 m) one end open

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