The comparator output and terminal block (RESET, GATE input)

For the comparator function, please refer to the "The measurement mode and the comparator function of the VC-2100".


To control the judgment timing of the VC-2100 with the connection of the external device such as PLC, use the AUTO operation by the RESET signal and GATE signal. For farther information, please refer to the operation manual.


RESET signal, GATE signal input


Input signal Rear terminal block No Specifications The movement when processing AUTO operation
RESET No. 7 Reset signal
No. 9 COM
To reset the operation, short-circuit between terminals or input LOW level signal.

When the voltage signal input condition, it is necessary to keep the LOW level signal condition for 0.1 ms or more.

Hi : 4.2 V or more
LOW : 0.8 V or less

(1) GATE OFF (comparator stops): Reset input

(2) GATE ON (comparator starts)

(3) GATE OFF: Read the judgment output

(4) Return to (1) and start next measurement

GATE No. 8 GATE signal
No. 9 COM


Input circuit


Terminal block


Comparator output (NG signal)


Each of the A-band, B-band or C-band (option) outputs the NG judgment signal.



Rear output terminal block No

A-band NG output No.20 NG negative logic output
No.21 NG positive logic output
No.22 same as the above
COM terminal
DC 35 V max、25 mA max Open collector
DC 35 V max, 25 mA max

(Please refer to the following circuit figure.)

B-band NG output No.23 NG negative logic output
No.24 NG positive logic output
No.25 same as the above
COM terminal
C-band NG output
No.26 NG negative logic output
No.27 NG positive logic output
No.28 same as the above
COM terminal



Input circuit




Terminal block


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