How long is the minimum bending radius of TS cable to be allowed?

When a signal cable is connected to a measurement instrument, wiring space may be limited because of a wall etc.


As a cable is made by soft material, it can be bended small. However, it is necessary to be considered so that the coating of the cable does not be damaged and the performance does not be reduced.


Generally, the allowable bending radius of a braid shielded cable is six times or more of the cable outer diameter (diameter: D).


When it is assumed that a cable is fixed by an attached connector, the minimum bending radius is longer than 4 times of the cable diameter as a rough guide. (In this case, the distance from the connector is 5D.)


Diameter of TS cable: D=φ8

Bending radius(R) / Distance
Bending radius of TS cable R –partial bending 48 mm (6D) or more
Bending radius of TS cable R –connector fixing 32 mm (4D) or more
Distance from a connector side 40 mm (5D) or more



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