The torque accuracy of the digital display

Generally, the single or combination accuracy of torque detector and TS series torque meter (display unit) from the calibration test against to the rated torque of the torque detector are as follows.


Please note that the results will be changed by the combination or setting of the torque detector and torque meter. We can offer the test certificate for each of them with an extra charge. Please contact your nearest distributor or send us an e-mail. (overseas@ONO


<Digital display value against the measurement time 1 s>
(1) Static accuracy of the SS unit (depends on quantity of torque)
0.1 %
(2) No load test of SS unit (within the range of measurement rotation)
0.3 %
(3) Individual difference of TS series display unit
0.2 %
(4) Accuracy of N-O correction after matching adjustment of the torque detector and torque meter.
(The value described in the brochure/ Measurement time 1 s)
0.2 %
(5) Temperature characteristic −0.032 % / ℃
(6) Secular change



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