How to check the rotation direction of a motor attached to the SS series torque detector.

SS series torque detector modified type, which rotation direction can be selected externally, needs to be designed circuit for changing the rotation direction. (See the instruction manual).
Remove the motor cover and see the rotation direction of the motor belt to check the direction by visual contact.


Belt rotation direction (as viewed from "Drive Side" nameplate)


• The shaft is rotating CW(Clockwise), belt rotation direction is CCW … 「Drive CW」
• The shaft is rotating CCW(Counterclockwise), belt rotation direction is CW … 「Drive CCW」


Switch the power circuit to rotate as above. The attached motor is mounted to opposite direction for "Drive Side" seal. Please judge the rotation direction in view of "Drive Side" seal so as not to make a mistake.


Caution :

Do not touch the belt when you remove the cover. There is danger being rolled in the machine.


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