Difference between "magnetic phase difference method" and "new magnetic phase difference method"
  Magnetic phase difference method (using gear) New magnetic phase difference method (using electromagnetic induction theor)


TH series

Phase difference calculation method

Double gate method (averaging for a given length of time)

Instantaneous phase difference method (measuring with respect to one-phase difference)

Motor/AC power source

AC power is required because an auxiliary motor drives a rotating hollow cylinder with internal tooth gear in a detector.

Motor and AC power is not required because AC magnetic field is generated inside the detector.


Set up characteristic data of a torque detector (factor or zero etc.) on a display. (Characteristic data is written in the model plate.)

Set up characteristic data of a torque detector (factor or zero etc.) to a torque meter automatically when the power is on.


±0.2 %/F.S.

±0.1 %/F.S.

CE marking

SS-E series only

All TH series

Signal from detector to display unit (torque meter)

Phase difference of sine wave signal

Phase difference of pulse signal (line driver output)

Max. frequency response(*1)





Reading speed of analog output variation

10 Hz

Standard:100 Hz
At high-speed option installed: 5 kHz

Setup by time constant

Standard: 63 ms (TS-2700)
        : 16 ms (TS-3200)
Option    : 1 ms                 

Can be setup by time constant or by cut off frequency.

• Time constant standard: 1.6 ms
                         option: 0.16 ms
• Cutoff frequency; standard: 100 Hz
                               option: 5 kHz

Update time


Time interval of measuring time

Every 4 ms
(optionally available: update every 1 ms)

Every 50 µs

Rotation direction(CW/CCW)

External rotation direction selector is required.

Rotation direction selector is not required.


*1. Response can be changed by time constant setting value of a torque meter. Mechanical response has restriction by inertia moment and spring constant of the torque meter, specimens connected with the torque meter.


  • SS series and TH series have same dimensions of mounting hole, center height, and shaft diameter.


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