Difference in the setting of the SS series (Phase difference method using gear ) and the TH series (Phase difference method using electromagnetic induction theory)
  Phase difference method using gear Phase difference method using electromagnetic induction theory
Model SS/MD/DD/DSTP series TH series


Input the torque characteristic data such as factor and range, and set the zero-point value to the torque meter. (The characteristic data is inscribed in the nameplate of the torque detector.)

Characteristic data inscribed in the name plate

TEMP(Temperature of the torsion bar)

Torque characteristic data such as factor, zero-setting of the torque detector are automatically set up to the torque meter when the power is on. (When the TH series torque detector is connected to the TS-2800/TH-5100 torque meter by using exclusive cable.)


Speedy and correct data input.
(Avoid mistakes of manual data input.)


SS series and TH series have same dimensions of mounting hole, center height, and shaft diameter.


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