What material is used to make the Reflective marks (HT-011)?
What is the temperature range when in use? How can I purchase them?
(Applicable models: HT-4100/5100/5200/5500, LG-930/9200, FG-1200/1300, and PP-940)



They are made of the retroreflective sheet. The retroreflective sheet has a special mechanism of reflection: which means, when light rays strike the surface of the sheet, they return to the direction of the light source.


Temperature range when in use


The Reflective marks can be attached to a rotational object and will stay adhered in the temperature range of -10 to 40℃.



How to purchase


You may make a purchase by contacting your local distributor.


Model Product name Unit of purchase
HT-011 Reflective marks (12mm square × 25pcs. per sheet) 1 pack (10 sheets)



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