Required setup for replacing the TM-2100 with the TM-3100 when the pulse number is not clear.

If the pulse number of the combined sensor for TM-2100 is not clear, when replacing the TM-2100 with the TM-3100, it is possible to setup the display value (r/min) same as the TM-2100 with the following methods.


1. Display

Setup the [MEASURE > FACTOR] value of the TM-3100 same as [multiplier × index] of the TM-2100. (Setup the pulse number same as the default value of 60.)

2. Analog output

Example of the FULL value of the TM-3130 analog output When the frequency range of TM-2130 is 5 kHz: FULL rotation speed (r/min) of TM-3130=5000

3. Others

The decimal point, input coupling and others can be obtained by the TM-2100 setup.


Caution; The above setup can be used when the display unit is r/min.



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