Can the single phase signal (voltage output) of a rotary encoder be branched into two signals?

Single phase signal of a rotary encoder can be branched into two signals in the following ways. Voltage level of output signal is varied depending on the load resistance so that please check the input resistance at the receiving side. It causes some increase in noise.


1 Use one PA-330Z (Input resistance of the PA-330Z: 470Ω, input resistance of the other wiring : 10 Ω or more.)
  *Please set the "A" PA-330A near to the "B" receiver to reduce the noise as much as possible. Noise will increase if the cable is long.
2 Use two PA-330Z (Input resistance of the two PA-330Z must be modified at 1kΩ.)
  *Please set the two PA-330Z side by side.



The above ways to branch signal are applicable to each series of the RP-110, 120, 130, 132D, 1130D, 1330D, 210, 310, 320, 3130D, 3330D, 410d, 510, 5320d, and 5610D.
Power supply of rotary encoders: DC12V or AC.
Output method of rotary encoders: totem pole
Input and output signal are isolated by the PA-330Z when the signal branch way "2" above is used.



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