How do I read the result of FFT operation with RS-232C?

This is an example of reading the MAX - H value for 5 seconds.


1. Send "AMS 1" command and set the average mode of FFT to MAX-H.


2. Send the "MTM000: 00: 05.0" command to set the measurement time to 5 seconds.


3. Send "STT" command to start calculation.


4. Send the "STS?" command (status reading) at the appropriate time (approx. 0.1s interval), and confirm that the status of the sound level meter has changed from N (under measurement) to Z (stop measurement). When it changes from N (under measurement) to Z (stop measurement), proceed to the next step.


5. Capture data with "LCO?" Command.


6. Release the "DST" "LCO?" Command.


 To repeat, repeat 3 to 6 from the second time on.








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