The explanation of the spindle movement.

<1> Spindle tracking speed


The maximum spindle velocities are shown in following table.

Model name Maximum spindle velocity (at 20℃)
DG-825 1 m/s
DG-925 500 mm/s
DG-525• 525H 300 mm/s


If you move the spindle more than above speed, the movement error may occur. When E (error) mark appears on the display, turn the power switch off and restart the measurement. Although it depends on the measurement object, when the spindle is applied to the object, you should drop the spindle down after it approches1 mm or less to the object.


<2> Spindle lift

During the measurement, do not use hands to move the spindle up and down. The dirt or oil (sebaceous) on the spindle may cause a few µm errors. Please use the accessory finger lift or pinch the measurement tip with the finger and move the spindle silently.


<3> Spindle reference point

When the spindle is not attached to the reference surface, the position of the spindle tip cannot be fixed due to the damper. Please take a reference point with the position (user choice) where you push the spindle in.


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