The DG-4340 comparator operation-1

The comparator output for the DG-4340 has 3 channels which are comparator 1 (COMP1), comparator 2 (COMP2) and comparator 3 (COMP3). Each channel has 3 modes to select, such as [Lower] mode, [Upper] mode and [OK/NG] mode.


One determination value can be selected with the [Lower] mode or [Upper] mode. Each of [Lower] and [Upper] determination values can be selected with the [OK/NG] mode.


When the measurement value is equal to the setting value or less in the [Lower] mode, or equal to the setting value or greater in the [Upper] mode, the relay of comparator turns ON. Moreover, when the setting value [Lower] < the measurement value < the setting value [Upper] in the [OK/NG] mode, it turns ON.


The DG-4340 Operation example 1

All channels are set to OK/NG mode.

The DG-4340 operation example 2

Each channel is set up to each different mode.


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