The USB protect key driver cannot be installed.

Follow the following procedure to clean up and reinstall the USB key driver.  

1. Start up a computer while removing the USB protect key.

2. Please download the SSD Cleanup corresponding to your Windows (32bit, 64bit) from the website below, unzip the zip file, and execute exe file.

SSD Cleanup (v1.2.0.5, for 32-bit Windows)      
SSD Cleanup (v1.2.0.6, for 64-bit Windows)


3. Restart the computer.
Do not install the USB protect key at this time.


4. Perform the SentinelProtectionInstaller.exe which is in the installation CD of the DS-3000.


5. Restart the computer.


6. Install the USB protect key.
The protect key driver is installed automatically.


*If the problem does not solve with the above method, please contact your nearest distributor or send an email



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