Ono Sokki Co., Ltd. and domestic subsidiaries (hereinafter referred to as “Company”) have established the following guidelines regarding the handling of personal information provided by customers who have registered to use our services on our website to ensure the safe usage. The Company shall protect and manage the personal information provided by customers in accordance with this guideline.

  1. When customers register, the Company shall clearly indicate the personal information protection policy to customers. With customers’ consent, the Company will receive customers’ personal information.

  3. The Company will follow the Japanese laws, guidelines and other norms for the handling of personal information.

  5. The Company shall define that personal information means the following information can be used to identify customers:

    - Name

    - Address

    - Name of group/corporate

    - Phone number (FAX number)

    - E-mail address

    - Purchased products/services (serial number)

    - Detail of inquiry


  7. The Company’s website supports "SSL = Secure Socket Layer" to protect your personal information. Personal information such as name, address or telephone number that customers enter are automatically encrypted and received, so even if the sent/received data is intercepted by a third party, the content will not be stolen.

    This site proves the existence of the operator, Ono Sokki Co., Ltd., and introduces a digital ID to protect the customer's privacy, enabling SSL encrypted communication throughout the Ono Sokki’s website.


  9. The Company handles and manages personal information provided by customers with the greatest care, and strives to prevent the leakage to third parties. The Company will collect and use personal information provided only to provide better products and services to customers.


    - Introduction of products, technologies, services, etc. / Information on seminars, exhibitions, etc.

    - Communication with customers for providing products and services information


    The Company will not disclose personal information provided by customers to third parties without the customers’ consent. However, if we receive a request from a court, police, or other public institution based on laws and regulations, we will disclose and provide the personal information provided by the customer to those public institutions to the extent necessary.

  11. If for any reason, customers wish to disclose, correct or delete the registered his/her own personal information, the Company will respond to the request through the registration screen or receiving via the following email address.

    Disclose, correct or delete personal information : webinfoonosokki.co.jp


  13. The Company may send cookies information to the customers’ computer. Cookies may be saved as files in the disk of a customer’s PC. They are used for providing better access, services to customers and will not invade customers’ privacy or environment of usage. Please note that customers who refuse to receive cookies may not be able to use the all or part of our services provided in the website.

    In order to properly manage and protect customers’ personal information, the Company will update this page from time to time and revise the content of our protection policy in accordance with changes in various laws and regulations, our website service content. If you have any questions or concerns regarding our handling of personal information, please feel freely contact us.