Easily measures even in narrow spaces

Ultra compact Microphone MB-2200M10

MB-2200M10 Ultra compact microphone

In the automobile industry, the quietness of vehicles has improved with the rapid expanding EV and sounds that have not been noticed until now are becoming to a subject as problems.
Also, as vehicles are becoming lighter and more compact for the purpose of achieving low fuel consumption, the need for countermeasures against new sounds and vibration problems is increasing.

To solve these "new sound problems", it is important to grasp the sound source position and its distribution.
Simultaneous multipoint measurement by microphone and measurement in the vicinity of the sound source are effective as the measurement method.
However, in the shape of the current measurement microphone, there are many cases where it is difficult to perform multipoint measurement in "narrow spaces" and installation, and measurement near the sound source.

Ono Sokki developed an ultra compact microphone MB-2200M10, in order to solve these problems.

The MB-2200M10 is compatible with CCLD, and have high connectivity and reliability. It can be connected directly to Ono Sokki’s FFT Analyzer or CCLD supported measurement devices.




Ultra compact!Easy sound pressure measurement even in limited spaces

Super lightweight! Can be fixed with double-sided tape

Stable multi-point measurement!

TEDS supported, conforms to CE marking




Sound pressure measurement in a narrow place

Sound pressure distribution measurement using multiple microphones





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