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High Resolution Linear Gauge
 HS-3412/3425 Sensor
 HG-4370 Counter
Resolution: 0.05 μm, Accuracy: ± 0.5 μm

Overview of Digital Linear Gauge
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Photo (HIgh Resolution Linear Gauge Sensor & Counter)
HS series excluding pen-figured type Linear Gauge Sensor will be discontinued.
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HS-3412/3425 Linear Gauge Sensor enables high resolution of 0.05 μm, and high accuracy of ±0.5 μm, with unique and advanced signal processing technology, in combination with dedicated gauge counter HG-4370.

This shows great ability of thickness measurement for lenses and silicon wafer, furthermore, high-precision processed parts and precise mold, which require high resolution measurement.

Features light measurement force of 0.6N and dust protection structure, conforming to class IP50.

The gauge counter HG-4370 ensures easy-to-read of measurement value, adopting large sized LED. And, it can expands capability with multi-functions such as resolution selection/offset/factor/peak hold. Data print is also available using an exclusive printer.

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  • Best suitable as a high precise positioning detector because of high accuracy (±0.5 µm) and high resolution (±0.05 µm)

  • Proof structure against dust (Protection class: IP50 of environmental resistance)

  • Large size LEDs (Character height: 14 mm) as displaying device are used for easy data reading.

  • Various function of offset/peak hold (MAX., MIN., RANGE)/multiplying and selection of resolution (0.05 µm/ 0.1µm/ 0.5 µm)


Specifications Summary

■HS-3412/3425 High Resolution Linear Gauge Sensor






Measuring range

12 mm

25 mm


0.05 μm

Displaying accuracy (at 20 °C)

±0.5 μm

Measurement force (at downward)

0.6 N

Protection class

IP 50

Stem Diameter

Ø 8 h 6 mm

Max. spindle speed *

0.2 m/s

Power supply

DC 5 V ± 5 %

Consumption current

20 mA Max.

Operating temperature

0 to 40°C

Cable length

Approx. 2 m


Approx. 200 g

Approx. 220 g


Finger lift, Pin to replace the contact tip, Spindle protection cap

SH-022 Gauge stand

* It is maximum spindle speed when it is combined with exclusive counter of model HG-4370.

■HG-4370 High Resolution Digital Gauge Counter

Input section

Sensor input signal

2-Phase difference signal, Sine waveform

Suitable sensor HS-3412/3425 Linear Gauge Sensor
Display section


Displaying device 7-segment LED (Red color)
Character height 14 mm


Displaying device LCD module
No. of displayed characters 16-character x 2 lines


Displaying the comparator result : UPPER (Red), OK (Green), LOWER (Red)


Selectable of resolution

Switchover at 0.05 µm, 0.1 µm, 0.5 µm


Setting range : x 0.000001 to 9.99999


Measurement range : ±9999999

Peak hold



LO : LOWER set value Measurement value
OK : LOWER set value < Measurement value < UPPER set value
UP : UPPER set value Measurement value

Signal output by photo coupler
Max. capacity : DC30 V, 40mA
Renewal time : Less than 30 ms

Control by external signal

Specification of input signal

Voltage input : Hi level: +4 to +5.25 V, Lo level: 0 to +1 V

Non-contact input

Open-circuit voltage ; 5.25 V Max., Short-circuit current ; 1 mA Max

Type of signal

Reset, Hold, Comparator, Peak hold


Based on the EIA-RS-232C.

For data printing by DPU-414 exclusive printer and data communication with personal computer

Baud rate

2400/4800/9600 bps

General Specification

Power Supply

Exclusive AC power adaptor

Consumption Current

1 A Max. (at DC 9 V)

Operating temperature

0 to 40°C

Outer dimensions

144 (W) X 72 (H) X 180 (D) mm


Approx. 1.5 kg

Accessories Exclusive AC power adaptor, Stand foot, Rubber foot, Socket for terminal
Options DPU-414 Exclusive digital printer (Signal cable to connect HG-4370 is provided as standard accessory.)
AX-5022 RS-232C Cable
AA-3301 Panel mount fixture

Revised: 2010/04/28

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