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Encoder Application

Rotary Encoder Speed measurement
Encoder B-1-1 Measuring line speed of film or paper on a production line



  • This application shows how to measure and calculate line speed of measurement object moving down a production line by the number of generated pulse and roll diameter from a rotary encoder. The rotary encoder is connected to a rolling shaft on a film production line.
  • Deflection of film/paper can be prevented by keeping the line speed of two rotary encoders constant which are set at two major points on a production line.

* PLC: Programmable Logic Controller


  Model Product name
1 RP-1711-TT1-600P/R Rotary encoder
2 TM-3100 Digital Tachometer
3 RP-0145 Signal cable
4 AX-2050N Power cable (3 m)

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