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Encoder Application

Rotary Encoder Measurement of length
Encoder A-1-1 Measuring length of film



  • This application shows how to measure and calculate length of rolled film by the number of generated pulse and roll diameter from a rotary encoder. The rotary encoder is connected to a rolling shaft on a film production line.
  • The RV-3150 Reversible Counter can compensate the number of generated pulse so that an appropriate unit can be set up on a display.
  • Connecting it to the PLC by using comparator output enables output of command signal to cut a film or to send an alert to a signal tower.
  • Continuous recording can be performed via analog output signal to see fluctuation of rolling up film length.
  • Connecting the RV-3150 to a PC via RS-232C interface enables storing the measured data and so on.

* PLC: Programmable Logic Controller


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