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Gauge Application

Gap detector Non-contact thickness measurement of film during running operation
dimension E-4-1 Non-contact thickness measurement of film on a production line


  • This example shows non-contact thickness measurement of film or the like on a production line. A sensor should be set parallel to a conductor. In this example, the VE-5010 (measurement range from 50 to 500 µm, resolution at 0.1 µm) is used.
  • The measurement range of the VE-5010 can be changed from 20 to 200 µm by installing the optional CL-0201. The display resolution is at 0.02 µm when the CL-0201 is installed.


  Model Product name
1 VE-5010 Gap detector
2 VL-1520 Signal cable (1.5 meter)
3 CL-5610 Non-contact thickness meter
4 CL-0201 Measurement range change option


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