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Gauge Application

Gap detector Non-contact thickness measurement of silicon wafer
dimension E-1-1 Non-contact thickness measurement of electronic material such as silicon wafer with high accuracy


  • The CL-015 Wafer slide table: This is manual operating slide table in order to perform non-contact thickness measurement of conductive wafers such as silicon wafers. Grooves are provided on the table surface to facilitate use of vacuum adsorption tweezers.

<Measurable wafer’s size>
External diameter: 100mm to 150mm
Thickness: 0.1mm to 1mm (when used with VE-1520)

  • Please contact your nearest distributors or send an e-mail to us (overseas@ONO SOKKI.co.jp) when you are interested in the slide table for wafer more than 200mm to 300mm diameter.


  Model Product name
1 VE-1520 Gap detector
2 VL-1520 Signal cable (1.5 meter)
3 CL-5610 Non-contact thickness meter
4 CL-015 Wafer slide table


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