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Gauge Application

Digital gauge Measurement of shaft deflection
dimension C-4-2 Contact measurement of the roll gap of steel plate rolling machine


  • Roll gap control between mill rolls of steel plate rolling machine will seriously affect the quality of rolling. In this example, two GS-6830 linear gauge sensors and DG-2310 2ch-input digital gauge counter with sum / difference calculation function enable to obtain the roll gap by calculating the sum of two measured values of linear gauge sensors.
  • The DG-2310 has analog output and RS-232C interface as an external output function. Those functions enable to record the measured value to recorder etc., and perform statistical processing by exporting the measured value to PC thorough RS-232C interface. The DG-2310 has upper / lower limit determination output function which enables to make OK/NG decision and outputs its result by comparing the measured value with the preset upper / lower-limit-value (allowable value).
  • You can choose suitable model of linear gauge sensor depending on your requirement; measurement range, and measurement accuracy.


  Model Product name
1 GS-6830 Linear gauge sensor
2 DG-2310 Digital gauge counter
3 AA-8103 BCD cable (3 meter)
4 AA-8107 BCD cable (3 meter)
5 AX-5022A RS-232C cable (2 meter)
6 RQ-1410 Digital printer


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