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Gauge Application

Digital gauge Measurement of shaft deflection
dimension C-4-1 Measuring the deflection of motor shaft


  • Attaching linear gauge sensor to the motor shaft as shown, rotate the shaft slowly in order to measure the deflection of motor shaft.
  • We recommend the choice of linear gauge sensor for resistance to vibration since the measurement supposed to be performed under environment with large vibration. The DG-4340 has OK / NG determination function and can measure in increments of 1μm.
  • The DG-4340 digital gauge counter can display the measurement result visually. When the measured value against the setting value is either "Lower" or "Upper", the backlight of LCD changes into red color.
  • When transverse force is applied to linear gauge sensor, we recommend an indirect measurement, using jig etc. The indirect measurement prevents from excessive load on sensor. However, please take notice that sensor might cause less accuracy with an indirect measurement.


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