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Gauge Application

Digital gauge Displacement measurement of automobile-related components
dimension C-1-2 Measuring the deflection of tire per rotation


  • This example shows how to measure the deflection per rotation of tire. We recommend the choice of linear gauge sensor for resistance to vibration since the measurement supposed to be performed under environment with large vibration.
  • When transverse force is applied to linear gauge sensor, we recommend an indirect measurement, using jig etc. The indirect measurement prevents from excessive load on sensor. However, please take notice that sensor might cause less accuracy with an indirect measurement. In this example, the GS-4730 is used for measurement, which shaft is made of carbon resistant to transverse force.


  Model Product name
1 GS-4730 Linear gauge sensor
2 DG-4320 Digital gauge counter
3 AA-828 Roller shape measurement tip
4 DA-4130 D/A convertor
5 AA-8101 BCD cable (3 meter) for DG-4120 and DA-4130 connection

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