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Gauge Application

Digital gauge Dimensional inspection and screening of parts
dimension A-2-3 Measurement of unevenness and screening of metallic parts


  • This example shows how to measure the unevenness of surface at the two points of micro-part.
  • When the distance between two points is short, pen-shaped linear gauge sensor is optimal in order to measure the unevenness of surface.
  • The pen-shaped linear gauge sensor, the GS-7000 series enables to obtain resolution at 0.5μm.


  Model Product name
1 GS-7710 Linear gauge sensor
2 DG-2310 Digital gauge counter
3 AA-8103 BCD cable (3 meter)
4 AA-8107 BCD cable (3 meter)
5 AX-5022A RS232C cable (2 meter)
6 RQ-1410 Digital printer


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