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Gauge Application

Digital gauge Dimensional inspection and screening of parts
dimension A-2-1 Flatness measurement of metallic parts (precision gear etc.)



  • Contact the GS-1813 to the surface of gear-teeth and the value at DG-4340 is set at zero by reset signal.
  • Rotate the side of gear-teeth on the turntable after the peak-hold start signal is input at DG-4340 and peak-hold stop signal is input at DG-4340 after one rotation.
  • The DG-4340 with GS-1813 can measure the maximum deviation value of height during one rotation, and makes OK/NG decision.
  • The DG-4340 digital gauge counter can display the measurement result visually. When the measured value against the setting value is either "Lower" or "Upper", the backlight of LCD changes into red color.


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