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Gauge Application

Digital gauge Inspection / testing of part
dimension A-1-1 OK/NG decision of small parts’ dimension


  • This example shows how to measure the dimension of processed parts and make OK / NG decisions on the production line.
  • DG-4320 digital gauge counter can display MAX, MIN, and RANGE (MAX - MIN) values from measurement start to stop as well as instantaneous value. Factor function, which displays the multiplied value by the user-specified value, and other various calculation functions are also provided.
    OK/NG decisions can be made by using BCD output function and PLC*. (Data of the DG-4320 is updated every10 ms. Read BCD data by the PLC after HOLD signal input.)
  • PLC: Programmable Logic Controller


  Model Product name
1 GS-1813 Linear gauge sensor
2 DG-4320 Digital gauge counter
3 AA-8107 BCD Cable (3 meter)

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