• MEASURE to provide confidence
    FIND the best solution by technical experts
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    Ono Sokki has supported customers with the sense of "MEASUREMENT·FIND·LINK".

    We will try to face manufacturing sincerely with the technology
    which has been cultivated through "MEASUREMENT·FIND·LINK"
    and provide "Safety and Reliability" to society together with you.

Measurement to provide confidence

ONO SOKKI pursues the accuracy.
We continue to evolve to have responsibility to support manufacturing in the world.


In Application as usage we provide the practical usage of products, the necessary device configurations and the points of measurement.

JCSS system

ONO SOKKI provides reliable and high level calibration as a measuring instrument manufacturer based on the skills and know-how which has been acquired through many years of practice to meet ISO 9001 Quality System and the general requirements for the competence of calibration ISO/IEC 17025.

Find the best solution by technical experts

ONO SOKKI is a professional group of Sound & Vibration. We have provided various useful information.


We have provided wide variety of seminars to meet the requirements according to the different levels.

Technical sales master

Sales representative with expertise in technical field will assist you. Please feel free to ask.

Link to customers, by think flexibly

Making use of strength as a professional group, ONO SOKKI responds flexibly at the site to meet customer's requirement

Taking care of measurement

We help customers who have difficulty in measuring device and measuring process. We help to summarize and report the data taken.


We help your trouble with noise, vibration.

News letter

ONO SOKKI has been sending the e-mail newsletter which delivers our latest information to customers once in three months.