Why there is a 0 in the data of the CF-HOLD (crest factor) value of the VC-3100 Vibration Comparator via RS232C?

If the RMS value is 0.499 S (unit S: m/s2) or less as the following figure data, the CF-HOLD value (crest factor hold value) is displayed as 0. This is because the arithmetic crest factor value has no reliability and setup to display as 0 when the RMS measurement value is small. The RMS value which setup to display as 0 will be changed depending on the setting of the RANGE. For the solution, set the RANGE finer than the current value (to increase sensitivity), and process the measurement once again to read the data value.


Example of reading data (Unit S: m/s2)

0.5199S 1.7554S 3.4859
0.68S 1.9801S 3.2835
0.6596S 2.6139S 3.8937
0.4985S 1.9418S 2.9062
0.6553S 2.4975S 3.7968
0.63S 3.02S 5.2
0.3796S 1.675S 0
0.4S 1.5277S 0
0.33S 1.1878S 0
0.36S 1.9393S 0
0.4446S 1.9787S 0
1.65S 14.41S 11.5
1.8273S 6.5282S 3.5968
1.0998S 3.2325S 2.95
0.95S 2.99S 3.1984
1.285S 5.2525S 4.164



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